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About Us “Started in 1997 as a stationery products supplier. Today our product range has expanded into office equipments, packing equipments, & printing materials. With four leading brands as our business assets, Kangaro, Combo, Hombo, & Origin, we will continue to grow our business.

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Bag Neck Sealer

Bag Neck Sealer


ProCut - Super Silent Paper Shredder


Modern offices need heavy duty paper shredder that can shred all the confidential documents without disturbing the sourrounding work place.  Base on this demand, we introduce ProCut Paper Shredder to serve the needs of professionals.  This 2 x 16 mm Cross Cut Shredder with its Super Silent feature is the finest paper shredder in the market.  Equipped with overload sensor to prevent over shredding that will damage the machine.  Please call for details on this machine. 


Fingerscan ORF 8000


Nowadays many companies demand efficient operation of their human resources.  To avoid manipulation of employees' attentance, management need a fingerscan machine that can arrange and keep accurate information.  Our ORF 8000 Fingerscan can record up to 1000 ID records and equipped with all the necessary funciton and software and very suitable for small enterprises.  Call to for more details on this machine. 


New Automatic Paper Cutter

Semi Auto Paper Cutter

This Automatic Paper Cutter is designed for profressional printers and operators who need precision and quick handling. Just place the paper stack on the loading area, choose the thickness, and press the Auto Cut button, the machine will automatically allign the paper stack and cut it precisely with the guidance of "Cutting Line Light".  Please call for more details.


New Numbering Machine

Comes with 6 and 7 digits numbers.  Steel body to ensure long lasting usage.


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